Alex Cook Music


Alex Cook has made it his life's work to express spiritual hope, power, and the beauty of God through music.

After a 10 year career as a muralist and public artist, Alex knows from experience that "beauty saves lives." It is with this conviction that he crafts his songs. He looks deep into the Spirit, and draws from its rich resources melodies, stories, and words that reach the longing heart.

Alex's diverse labors in the arts, as an elementary school teacher, and prison chaplain influence and deepen his musical voice. In his performances as in his recordings, there is a wide spectrum of spiritual color. At one moment his music is profoundly serious and honest, and in another, it is filled with humor and friendly relation.

Alex's musical ministry is heartfelt and powerful. His songs take us somewhere very spiritual.

Between 1997 and 2008 Alex wrote and recorded five albums. But it wasn't until 2009 that he released his first album of entirely God-focused music. The group of songs that became his 2009 release, "Tree of Life," grew out of Alex's conviction that "this music shouldn't just be about God, it should express God." As such, it is at times deeply gentle and beautiful, and at others, soaring and bouncing with joy.

Between 2009 and 2012 Alex performed more that 150 concerts in the US and abroad.

"Performing is not just a matter of getting up in front of people and singing," Alex says. "It is about unveiling something holy in myself, and letting that connect with what is holy in each member of the audience. We don't end up where we began. We go on a journey together."

Music is just one of Alex's tools for expressing God's beauty. Since 1997 Alex has painted over 70 murals in the US and abroad. He currently works with churches to bring new life to their buildings and communities using the power of images and color to lead thought to the Spirit.

Wherever he performs, or paints, whether it be at a church, in a theater, a homeless shelter, or a prison, Alex's expectation is that people see more of spiritual beauty – "our hearts turned further from fear and doubt, and more and more toward Life and Love of God."